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  • The TL;DR version

    Replica is an app that helps people take content from their iPhone or iPad’s screen and then display it on another device. That device could be a smart television, streaming stick like the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

    That’s cool, but why?

    People who want to stream content from their iPhone or iPad would normally need to use AirPlay and have an AirPlay-compatible device to stream to. Replica removes that limitation and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, people can even stream content from their iPhone right into the big screen in their Tesla — but not when driving! In fact, any computer or other device running a recent version of Safari, Chrome, or Edge can become a streaming destination with Replica. Smart televisions from LG, Sony, and Samsung are just some of those supported by Replica and inexpensive streaming sticks from Google and Amazon are the perfect companion for Replica.

    Getting Replica up and running is as easy as downloading the app, connecting to a destination device by following the on-screen instructions, and enjoying low-latency, high-quality streaming. Try it for yourself, we think you will be amazed at how easy Replica is to use and how quickly you’ll have things up and running on a big screen.

    **What Replica *can* do:**

    Be used to stream a work presentation from an iPad right onto the smart TV that’s in the conference room but never gets used because nobody has the right cable.

    Make it easier for families to watch home movies and photos without having to crowd around a small screen — throw it onto the family TV instead!

    Turn a small screen streaming experience into a sit-back big screen event.

    **What Replica *can’t* do:**

    Some DRM content can’t be used with Replica and a black screen will appear instead. That’s unfortunately a problem caused by rights holders and streaming companies in an attempt to prevent piracy.


  • Replica lets you mirror your screen from your iPhone or iPad to several devices that don’t have AirPlay.
  • Replica is compatible with:
    – Streaming Devices (Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.)
    – Televisions (Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.)
    – Computers (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)
    – Gaming Consoles (Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)
    – Tesla Cars
  • The iOS app can downloaded for free from the App Store.

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    About the Developer


    My name is Tiago and I’m a Indie iOS Developer currently working in Replica. 

    My main passions are software development, startups and innovation.

    Thank you for interest in Replica!


    For questions or requests email me at

    All rights reserved. Tiago Martinho @ Replica App | Developed by

    All rights reserved. Tiago Martinho @ Replica App

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